Tangara Technologies specializes in electronic forms and custom applications. Through numerous projects, Tangara has accumulated a large reusable code base that can be utilized in future projects. This reuse of code decreases the time required to build and deploy new applications; thus saving the client time and money. We pride ourselves on on-time and on-budget contracts. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our goals are to streamline client system to improve efficiency, have a high return on investment and decrease paper usage.

Application Development

Custom thick and thin (web) client development. We specialize in Microsoft technologies and languages. This includes: Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS, Visual C++, C#, .NET, Web Services and AJAX to name a few. We have extensive knowledge in PDF generation and using PDFs in an eForm workflow. Crystal Reports is our choice for reporting services.

Business Analysis

With any project, business analysis is a necessity. With focus groups, site visits and documentation, we can accurately determine your needs and describe it in a way that can be understood by everyone.

Technical Analysis

The most difficult part of every project is the technical analysis. Being able to visualize how to combine technologies to reach the end goal before the project starts is something we take pride in.

State/Local Government Contracting

Tangara Technologies is proud to be listed as an available resource on the Washington DES Master vendor list. We are also certified as a Washington State Minority Owned and Minority Women business.

Product Support

As your business evolves, so do the requirement of custom applications. Tangara Technologies can help you update your legacy systems or maintain your current applications.

Project Management

Making sure a project is on time and on budget is imperative. Through an Agile process, this risk can be minimized.

Technical Support

Technology changes at what seems like the speed of light. Users have questions and we have answers.


Through the use of documentation and a class room setting, learning a new system can be fun and easy.

We're always looking for new challenges!

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