Our mission is to minimize an organization’s reliance on traditional paper forms. Moving forms into a custom eForm application not only saves the physical dependency and costs related to paper and printing but brings the benefits of data analytics and ease of retrieval of eForm data.

Why We’re Different

Custom Solutions

Tangara Technologies provides consulting services to assist you with the development of custom applications and integration of these applications with your existing business systems.

Small Family owned Business

As a small business we make customer service our number 1 priority. We don’t take on more than we can handle and will always make you feel like we are available to take your calls and answer your questions.

Speedy Development

Through numerous project, we have gained valuable knowledge on how to develop and workflow eForms.

Fair Pricing

Being able to reuse the source code we’ve developed over the years, it has allowed us to cut down the time required to build and deploy new applications; thus saving the client time and money. We pride ourselves on on-time and on-budget contracts.

Meet the Team

Jack Lee


Mr. Jack Lee is a local to the Pacific Northwest. An alumnus of University of British Columbia with a degree in Computer Science. He began his professional career at Hitachi Software as a Software Engineer. He then worked his way up the ladder as a Senior Software Engineer to Senior Consultant and eventually starting his own firm in 2003. His strong technical architect and developer skills has enabled Tangara Technologies to be successful.

Vincent Nguyen


Mr. Nguyen is also a local to Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Eastern Washington, he holds a degree in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University. Mr. Nguyen joined Tangara Technologies in 2016, bringing with him his knowledge of .NET development. Vincent’s role within the company has allowed him to grow both professionally and personally.

Linda Lee


Mrs. Lee hails from southern California. Her professional career began in finance banking. Due to her meticulousness she was in high demand in her field among her colleagues; which demanded long hours and was expected to deliver results. After serving in the finance sector for 15 years, she decided to seek out a new experience. She joined Tangara Technologies in 2010 and has been an administrative support staff to the team from beta testing, meeting scribe, documentation to accounting.

Client Projects

WSDA Fruits and Vegetable

Web and Tablet PC Based Electronic Form

WSDA Dept. of Pesticide

Web and Tablet PC Based Electronic Form

Virtual Imprints

Website Development, Maintenance and IT Support

Whiskers at Home

IT Support

LAB Construction

IT Support

WSDA Plant Services

Web and Tablet PC Based Electronic Form

WA State Potato Commission

Custom development eForms

Washington State Crop Improvement Association

eForm Development

Meztiso Investments Inc

IT Support

WSDA Dept. of Nutrient Management Program

Web and Tablet PC Based Electronic Form

ISDA Fruits and Vegetables

Web and Tablet PC Based Electronic Form

Waffle Magic

Website Development & Maintenance

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